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The (toy) elephant in the room

We’ve all seen those houses, pristine white walls, unblemished cream carpets, not a speck of dust, and definitely not a toy in sight. My house is *not* one of those houses. Continue reading “The (toy) elephant in the room”

declutter, home organisation

So much stuff, so little space

How did I accumulate so much stuff?

I have a confession. I have a slight hoarding problem. I say slight, because I’m not at the levels of those people you see on documentaries on channel 5, and I don’t keep absolutely everything.

That said, I do make an emotional connection to “stuff” for some unknown reason. My situation hasn’t been made any better by marrying someone who also seems to accumulate trinkets, and then producing two little humans who have more toys than Toy R Us…each!

I’m a little self-conscious about my clutter problem, so there’ll be no pictures on this post. Maybe in later posts on this subject I’ll be brave enough to show a Before and After transformation.

There are so many blogs online and books to buy that advocate different organisational systems. I’ve got Marie Kondo’s book on the KonMari system, which I’m yet to read. I’ve also heard of the Fly Lady, although I’ve not really done much more research on her methods besides the use of zones.

The system I’m following at present, as I mentioned in this post, is the Declutter 365 schedule created by Taylor Flanery over at Home Storage Solutions 101. Basically you spend just 15 minutes a day (more if you have the time) on a particular area of clutter. Taylor creates a yearly calendar which you can print out a page at a time (or all at once if you subscribe to her email newsletter).

For instance, this week’s area is Kid’s Closets. Each day there is a task dedicated to decluttering your childrens’ closets 15 minutes at a time. I’m hoping to find this week pretty easy, as it’s mostly just a case of sorting out stuff that fits from stuff that doesn’t.

On the third Monday of every month I’ll be posting about this subject and I hope to have some update pictures too.

Wish me luck, mermaids