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Losing the wobble | update

It’s been a whole 6 months since I last wrote a weight loss and fitness post. Wow! I kind of fell off the healthy eating wagon over the winter and haven’t been for a proper run since October. Continue reading “Losing the wobble | update”

fitness, weight loss

I can go the distance*


Ok, so this is the post I had originally planned for this week. I was supposed to do a hobby related post, but this topic needed addressing today.

Real talk time. I’ve let myself go a bit since having my second child. I’ve never been super slim, or hugely overweight, but I’ve always seemed to hover that little bit to the right of the ideal/overweight line. I know that BMI charts aren’t an exact science, especially as they use the same calculations for women, children, men, bodybuilders… you get the point. However, I find them to be a good place to look when determining an ideal weight range.

I’m only a short-arse, 5’2″ to be exact, so what may pass as slim for someone much taller can look chunky on my frame. As I write this my current weight is…145lbs (that’s 10st 5lbs in UK terms), and my goal weight is 125lbs (8st 13lbs). So with 20lbs to lose you can imagine I’m feeling a bit bloated.

In order to achieve this goal I’ve not really been putting much effort in recently, but last week I really tried. Hard.

I track my meals using MyFitnessPal, and I wear a FitBit. In fact, I got a brand new Charge HR yesterday. As well as watching what I ate, I did some exercise too. After all in my opinion there are no shortcuts and miracle diets. The best tried and tested way to lose a few pounds and get healthier is burning more calories than you put in, and getting your activity levels up. The exercise I did was Jillian Michaels‘ 30 day shred DVD on 4 days, run for 5 km on 2 days and rest one one day.

So I bet after all this you’re eager to find out how much I lost this week aren’t you?! Ready? I…gained half a pound 😦

I know! I even have those scales that measure your body fat percentage to see if the gain was down to the fact that muscle is denser than fat, but alas, my body fat went up too. It’s so disheartening. I had to write this post to vent really, and to make myself accountable. I’m hoping that this set back won’t send me into a comfort food pit of despair and I can kick butt next week.

Stay tuned mermaids