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Falling Down Rabbit Holes

I just looked at the date of my last blog post and saw it was the end of April! What’s my excuse this time? Well, apart from the normal procrastination and distraction of everyday life in mermaid land, I’ve actually fallen down a few deep and interesting rabbit holes lately and they’ve taken up a ton of my available time. Well, sit back and let me elucidate…

Digital Planning

If you’ve read my blog before, you’ll know that I have dipped in and out of bullet journaling for just over two years. I had fallen off the bujo wagon for quite some time in the early part of this year and was determined to make it work for me after my last Plan With Me. However, you may also know that I’m a big fan of Kara from Boho Berry. and at the beginning of May, she released her digital planner, along with a month-long series of YouTube videos to accompany it. While I didn’t dive straight in, I did eventually cave and bought the planner and a few apps to accompany it.

I spent the latter half of the month playing around with the planner, watching tutorials and getting familiarised with the planner ready to set up for June.

I did think about filming and writing a Plan With me for June but held off until I was comfortable using the planner.

planner pic blog
one of the first layouts I tried – using some free digital stickers to block off days

The past three weeks have been spent trying out different weekly layouts in my digital planner and trying to tweak things to make it work for me. There are so many good points to digital planning over paper planning for me. The ability to reuse items such as stickers and even whole planners if you have an un-dated one will save me so much money on notebooks and planner supplies. Also, if you make a mistake it’s so much easier to erase or change things around.

If you’re interested in getting the Boho Berry digital planner yourself  –here’s the link the Etsy shop.

I’m committed to putting out a Plan With Me for July and this will mainly focus on my digital planner with an update on what I’m using my Leuchtturm for now. Watch this space and subscribe to my YouTube channel if you want to see that video.

My Etsy shop

Also in May I eventually bit the bullet and opened my own Etsy shop. I’d had it ready to open for a while because I wanted to reserve the name. I put together a small stock of listings and opened it up! I make and sell handmade friendship bracelets. I still have a relatively small inventory when compared to other shops that sell similar items, but I’m building that all the time. I’ve made a few sales in that first six weeks and I’m so happy about that. With restocking sold out items and coming up with new ones, it’s taking up a lot of my ‘free’ time in the day.

shop pic blog
One of my current listings

I know I will have to work hard to make a success out of it, but I’m happy with where I am and where I can see it heading for now.

If you’re reading this when it’s published, I have a 10% off sale going on until the 22nd if you want to grab a bargain. If you’re reading this in the future, be sure to check out my facebook page where I post all my new listings as well as announcements about upcoming sales.

The Sims 4

It’s no secret that I love to play Sims. I play it more than any other game, including my recent addiction to Stardew Valley. If you’re in the loop with Sims 4 news, you will know about the two things that have occupied my time recently, if not here’s a bit of an explanation. Firstly, I discovered the Not So Berry Challenge, by lilsimsie the link takes you to her Tumblr where the rules to the challenge are explained. I started the challenge myself and binge-watched XUrbanSimsX Youtube videos of her own Let’s Play of the challenge.

Then, and way more exciting, came the news that we were getting Sims 4 Seasons! On Friday, no less!! So I’ve been getting prepared for that, with pre-ordering the game, making sure my mods are up to date, watching every live stream and youtube video I could find. It’s very exciting.

If you’re also a Simmer and you’re excited for the release of Seasons, let me know in the comments. Which new gameplay addition are you most looking forward to?

So there we have it. While I may not have been blogging or filming YouTube video for the past 7 weeks, I have been busy. I say this everytime, but I will try to keep on top of the blog and YouTube channel, now that I have my shop and digital planner up and running.

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