Earth Day | Celebrate and make a difference

Happy Earth Day, humans! Not sure if you knew, but tomorrow is Earth Day and it’s a great time to raise awareness of the issues that threaten our planet while making it fun and educational for the little ones too. Here are some of the things you can do, along with what I’ll be doing with my own kids.


While recycling is great, it still uses a lot of energy and water. The best thing you can do is reduce the amount of waste you produce. Where possible reuse and upcycle items that you would normally throw away. Turn that jam jar into a candle holder, yoghurt pots make great paint pots for kids… the list of crafts you can do with scraps of paper and an egg box is endless.

Check out my Earth Day Pinterest board to see where I get my inspiration.


Depending on how old your children are, or even for yourself, this will take on a different meaning. For adults and older children, there is a wide range of resources where you can read up on the effects of human actions on the planet and how to reduce your impact. The more we know, the better informed we are to make a change.

For younger children, this education can be fun. Sensory activities, colouring pages, science experiments, again check out the Pinterest board for some ideas.

Things to do for Earth Day.png


Making small changes

For most of us, making huge changes to our daily routine is daunting and unsustainable. However, making little changes and starting small will still make a difference. It all adds up. Here’s an infographic I found that was used by the AIGA Campaign to Sustain.


Also, a childhood friend of mine has a great Instagram account dedicated to showcasing the small life changes you can make to live a more eco-friendly life, after all  – every day is Earth Day. You can find her page here. (She was also on local radio recently promoting the reduction of the use of plastic)

Have Fun

This is important, especially if you’re trying to get your children involved. We’re not a religious family, so I try to make a big deal out of other big secular ‘holidays’ such as Earth Day and International Women’s Day. The best way I find to get my kids into the spirit is through their stomachs and entertainment. I’ll be finding out the best environmental storied to read with my youngest, putting The Lorax DVD on and baking my famous Earth Day cupcakes, although I may make a loaf cake, rather than cupcakes this year. (Make sure to check out my Instagram to see the results – link below)

*Update* here’s a link to the recipe for the cake!

I have to work on actual Earth day this year, followed by D&D in the evening so most of our celebrations and activities will be done today. I hope you enjoy the day and remember the underlying message: 

Rockies, Bow Falls, Banff

Let me know in the comments what you have planned to celebrate Earth Day and make it last all year. Thanks for reading, if you enjoyed the post and want to see more from me you can follow the blog here on WordPress or  Follow my blog with Bloglovin

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8 thoughts on “Earth Day | Celebrate and make a difference”

  1. When I speak for myself, I try to take shorter showers, and I try to walk more instead of taking the car. I try to think of the little ways I can make the difference. I think these days it’s also very important that our kids are educated well on the matter. We are not treating earth the way we should.

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  2. Making small changes is super important – I’ve recently been trying my best to not use straws and if I do, only use paper straws and not use carrier bags when I go shopping! I know they’re only tiny changes, but I’m trying my best and I hope everyone else will as well.. 🙊

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  3. I love this post🌄 such valid important points for Earth Day, I have two young kids and more and more I worry what kind of world they are inheriting but there’s so many other people trying to make things better so I take heart from that

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