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31-Day Blog Challenge | day 31

Welcome to the final day of the challenge, I will be doing a sort of round-up post tomorrow to tie it all in, but this is the final prompt from the list. And this is a hard one. A Weird Quirk of Mine.

I’m sure if you asked my husband he’d be able to list a few, but I’m having trouble thinking of one. Maybe it’s because I’m a bit weird in general, so all my ‘quirks’ are just normal to me.

I do like to order things a lot. Either by colour or category or alphabetically. I don’t know if that’s a particularly weird thing, as I know a fair few people who alphabetise their DVD collection. I also like to have things facing a certain way on shelves or whatever.

I won’t say that it’s an OCD thing, because OCD is a serious mental health disorder, and making light of it by comparing it to liking things ‘just so’ trivialises it.


Silly things, like the cushions on my sofa. I like to have them in a certain order, but it rarely stays that way because five minutes after my kids and husband sit on the sofa they’re either thrown on the floor or squished up. It hurts me. 😫

We keep our granulated sweetener in a mason jar on the kitchen counter, along with a jar of coffee and a jar full of tea bags. I like to not only have them all facing the same way but they’re lined up in alphabetical order: Coffee, Sweetener, Tea. The cutlery drawer is also alphabetical: Forks, Knives, Spoons.

As I write this, I’m becoming increasingly aware that this sounds really weird! I may have taken it too far. But I know I’m not alone, as I’m in a few Bullet Journal groups on social media, that kind of hobby attracts a lot of ‘organisey’ people – I just made up a word there – but I don’t feel quite so weird when talking to those other like-minded people.

Do you have any ‘weird’ quirks? Or at least, quirks other people might label as weird? Do you think I’m weird for alphabetising my cutlery drawer? Actually, don’t answer that, I know I am. 🙃 Let me know in the comments below.

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Read my challenge from day 1 here, and see the list of prompts so you can take part yourself here.

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3 thoughts on “31-Day Blog Challenge | day 31”

  1. You know, that’s a great idea about doing an overall post about this challenge. I may do that myself. Good thinking!
    And I don’t think you have of either! Lol I like my stuff a certain way but I’m always changing the way I want things until I get frustrated that I can’t find I way I like.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I like what you said about trivializing OCD; far deeper than just liking having things a certain way, but….those type things are being bandied about so much here lately, may have to think about that – been trying to bullet journal myself

    Liked by 1 person

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