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31-Day Blog Challenge | day 28

Can you believe this challenge has been going for 4 weeks now! Only 3 more days to go. The prompt for today is Last Time I Cried.

I really had to think about this one. Not too long ago I could have listed at least a dozen times I’d cried in the past fortnight, but these days, I don’t seem to cry a lot anymore. That is a good thing obviously!

The last few times I remember crying was at TV shows. I get really attached to characters in my favourite shows, and if anything happens to them, good or bad, I usually end up crying.

Now, here’s you’re friendly SPOILER ALERT, in case you haven’t seen either Once Upon A Time or Sons Of Anarchy or the Disney movie Coco, and want to because the last times I cried were watching those. So if you don’t want to have major plots spoiled… maybe come back once you’ve caught up.

Ok is it safe?

The very last time I cried was when Neal/Baelfire died in Once Upon A Time, and I mean proper ugly crying. I know this particular episode was aired a while back, but I’m binge watching it right now.

The time before that was in Coco, if you’ve seen it, you’ll probably guess which scene too. When Miguel sings with his bisabuela Coco.

And lastly, the time before that was watching Opie’s funeral in Sons of Anarchy. I wasn’t even that much of a fan of his character, yet again, this was a big fat ugly crying session for me. Again, I know this was actually aired a while back, but my husband and I only got Netflix 6 months ago and have been binge-watching to catch up.

So, I guess seeing that I haven’t cried at anything ‘real’, that’s a good thing. That just means that nothing tear-worthy has happened recently, and for that, I’m immensely grateful.

What was the last thing you cried at? Are you as soppy as me, by getting too attached to characters in TV shows and movies? Thanks for reading to the end, that means you’ve either already seen the things I was talking about, or you didn’t mind the spoilers.

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(Disclaimer – I don’t own the content of the video, it is from YouTube and the footage remains the property of Disney)


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