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31-Day Blog Challenge | day 25

Today I have to pick my best physical features, at least there isn’t a number I have to choose because, as someone with quite a low self-esteem, picking more than just a couple would be difficult.

Thinking about my face and body and trying to find a bit that I’m completely happy with is almost impossible. There’s always a ‘but’. I like X but Y makes me not completely happy with it. Without wanting to confine this to just one gender, I fell like this is something that women deal with on a daily basis. We are bombarded with images in magazines and online of perfect bodies and ways to get them. Images telling us that what we have isn’t good enough, so we have to buy “this insanely expensive cream” or join “this insanely expensive gym” to achieve our peak happiness. After all, how could someone possibly be happy if they’re not beautiful? – insert sarcastic eye-roll here. 🙄 

Saying that I’ve always been happy with my lips. I have quite full lips naturally, and a nicely shaped cupid’s bow. I’d never really thought much about it until my best friend pointed out that she would love to have lips like mine when we were younger. I rarely wear lipstick though, I tend to go for emphasis on my eyes – which we’ll talk about in a minute – and leave my lips nude. I got my lower lip pierced, off to one side like the emo that I am.

Another physical feature I like about myself is my eyes. This is one of those ‘I like X but Y’ things though. I like my eye colour. From a distance, they like just standard brown, but up close you can see there is quite a lot of green flecked around the pupil. Probably not enough to call them ‘hazel’, but I like to emphasise the green whenever I get chance. The ‘but’ is my eyes do slope downwards ever so slightly at the outer edges, making me look sad all the time. My husband flatteringly compares them to Britney Spears’ eyes, which I’ll take. 😁

Honourable mentions have to go to:

my legs – which, despite their chunkiness, are strong enough to carry me around a 5k run in around 35 minutes (I’m aiming for under 30, more on that in another post)

my boobs – which have fed two children and still look decent, if I do say so myself.

my belly – which may be wobbly, and covered in stretch marks, but has housed two children and survived hernia surgery relatively unscathed.

Moral of this post is we are all beautiful in our own way, and we should champion the features we like about ourselves even if they’re not ‘perfect’.

A rare picture of me wearing lipstick, cosplaying at Birmingham Comic Con a couple of years back

What are your favourite bits of you? Leave me a comment below. If you’re enjoying the series be sure to follow to blog so you don’t miss a post. Follow here on WordPress or Follow my blog with Bloglovin. If you missed any of the past posts, you can catch up from day 1 here.

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