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31-Day Blog Challenge | day 23

Welcome back, to any existing readers, and a big hello to any new readers. If you are new here you can catch up from day 1 here, and see the list of prompts I’m working from here. The topic of today’s post is Pet Peeves.

While I try not to get het up about the small things – it’s just not conducive to a positive outlook – I’m only human, and there are some things that do annoy me. Here are just a couple.

Bad manners

This has to be top of the list. Manners don’t cost a penny and it only takes a split second to say please or thank you. Working in retail, I get to see a wide range of people, and it’s shocking to me how many people lack basic manners. Going beyond the ‘please and thank you’ manners, some people are just downright rude. Speaking of rudeness, I’m not sure whether I should list that as a separate pet peeve, or if it falls under the umbrella of having bad manners.

Bad grammar

Now, I’m probably going to shoot myself in the foot here, as I know my grammar isn’t perfect. And as this is a written piece, that’s easy to see. However, I’m talking about the basic grammatical rules we all learn in primary school (or elementary school). It’s surprising to me the number of people I see on the internet that confuse ‘there’, ‘they’re’ and ‘their’. ‘Loose and ‘lose’ is becoming more common for some reason. Now, I completely understand that some people will have difficulties due to dyslexia or because English isn’t their first language, but when I see it from people I know these don’t apply to… 😤

Swearing in front of children

Now, I’m not a prude when it comes to bad language. I swear just as much as the next person in the company of friends. But one thing you won’t find me doing is swearing in front of any children, including my own. I have read articles from other mothers explaining why they continue to swear in front of their children, but I don’t buy their argument. I guess it’s because my parents never swore in front of me and raised me to use respectful language. (I’ll also never swear in front of my parents, just the thought of it makes me feel uncomfortable).

Gender stereotyping

I have to admit, when I was just the mother to a son, I never really paid much attention to gender stereotyping, apart from noticing that toy shops would sell two identical products, one rainbow coloured and one pink. Since having my daughter, I see how prevalent it is in our society, and how ingrained it is in our culture. When shopping for my baby daughter I was drowning in an ocean of pink, cutesy animals and mini versions of household items. Now, not to say that being stereotypically feminine is a bad thing, if a girl falls in love with pink baby dolls, then fair enough. But I work hard to make sure that she knows that the princess in the story doesn’t always need to be saved, in fact, she can do the saving. And, not forgetting the opposite gender stereotype. I also work hard to make sure my son knows he doesn’t have to be the strong, sport-mad ‘manly’ man. A good man can – and should IMO – be caring, empathetic and sensitive.

Only a short post today. I have to be careful I don’t go into full-on rant mode. There are obviously, much bigger issues in the world to be enraged about, but these are just a few of my own pet peeves. What are your pet peeves? Do you agree with any of mine? Let me know in the comments below.

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