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31-day Blog Challenge | day 14

Two weeks into the challenge and it’s going well. Today’s post will be an interesting one, what’s in my handbag 😳 and I haven’t cleared my handbag out for a couple of weeks

While I have no need to carry a large nappy-changing bag around anymore, I’m still a parent so a lot of the ‘stuff’ in my bag is related to that. Firstly, this is my bag. I’ve had it a few years now, it’s starting to be a bit battered, but I’m not one of these people that owns a dozen handbags, and I’ll continue to use this one until the strap falls off probably.


The essential, everyday carry items in my bag are:

  • purse – which holds my cash, and cards
  • keys
  • iPod and USB cable to play it in my car
  • a power bank/torch
  • my work lanyard
  • a couple of pens
  • a lip balm or two
  • a box of tic tacs
  • an A6 travellers notebook which I use as a sidekick bullet journal, so I don’t have to carry my actual bullet journal around all the time
  • antiperspirant/deodorant spray
  • hand cream
  • alcohol hand gel
  • 4head headache stick
  • a mini perfume spray
  • mini sewing kit/pocket mirror
  • two books of stamps – two different sizes
  • feminine products in case of emergency

That’s a bigger list than I thought, to be honest, and none of it is related to my kids. 😂Now for the things that were in my bag, that shouldn’t be. (I’ve taken this opportunity to clear those things out now)

  • rhyme of the week, from my daughter’s nursery
  • this month’s pay slip
  • 4 receipts (one from the pharmacy, one from Hobbycraft, and two from Morrison’s)
  • two McDonald’s monopoly ‘how to play’ booklets – I thought they were the old style gameboards, but they weren’t
  • two Shambala bracelets I made, that I wanted to show my mom
  • an empty tic tac box
  • some random junk including two bank deposit receipts, a single paper clip, a gift card (which could be expired), my CeX ID, some loose change which must have fallen out of my purse, a hair clip and bobble belonging to my daughter, a My Little Pony thing that fell off my daughter hairband and needs gluing back on, and a Gatchapon ball, without the toy.

Thankfully, writing this post had made me empty my bag out, and all of that random junk has either gone in the bin or found it’s proper home. I don’t know about you, but my handbag ends up being a dumping ground, and will probably be full of all that random junk again by the end of the month.

Do you carry a handbag? What do you keep in yours, day-to-day? Let me know in the comments below and if you’re enjoying the series, don’t forget to leave a like. You can catch up from day 1, here. You can follow the blog here on WordPress or Follow my blog with Bloglovin

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1 thought on “31-day Blog Challenge | day 14”

  1. I have a blood red lipstick, antiseptic hand gel, hand lotion, roll on perfume, sanitary products, keys, purse, coin purse, oyster card wallet with cards in, receipts, wet wipes, make up highlighter, a pink pen, spare lighter, tissues, polo mints, 5 types of emergency medication in a cute purse, small diary, body spray, My mp3 player, ear phones, a stone heart my other half gave me, hair bands, a compact mirror, a pink pen and lip balms x2! xxx

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