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Period Tracking in your Bullet Journal

This post obviously won’t be applicable to everyone, but for those of us that do menstruate, tracking not only your actual period but other aspects of your cycle can be important. Here, I’ll explain why, and how I track mine. Continue reading “Period Tracking in your Bullet Journal”


Avengers: Infinity war | a *spoiler-free* review by a casual fan

I’m going to try to keep this movie review as spoiler-free as possible, and I also want to point out that I’m not a huge Marvel buff, unlike my husband. So if you’re like me and maybe haven’t seen all 19 of the MCU movies, don’t worry, I’ll start with a quick catch up of what you need to know.

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Earth Day | Celebrate and make a difference

Happy Earth Day, humans! Not sure if you knew, but tomorrow is Earth Day and it’s a great time to raise awareness of the issues that threaten our planet while making it fun and educational for the little ones too. Here are some of the things you can do, along with what I’ll be doing with my own kids. Continue reading “Earth Day | Celebrate and make a difference”


What I Learned from a Month of Blogging Every Day

If you’ve been following my blog recently you will see that I’ve been taking part in a 31-Day challenge which I found on Pinterest. Given a prompt for each day I published a post every single day for an entire month. That was a lot for me, considering the last post I published was about a year ago, and before that only posted sporadically. So, what did I gain from this experience? Read on to find out.

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31-Day Blog Challenge | day 31

Welcome to the final day of the challenge, I will be doing a sort of round-up post tomorrow to tie it all in, but this is the final prompt from the list. And this is a hard one. A Weird Quirk of Mine. Continue reading “31-Day Blog Challenge | day 31”

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31-Day Blog Challenge | day 30

It would be just my luck that the day after I decide to make an effort to eat healthier, this prompt pops up. Today I look at what is my Favourite Comfort Food. And I can feel my stomach rumbling just thinking which one to write about. Continue reading “31-Day Blog Challenge | day 30”

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31-Day Blog Challenge | day 29

Bucket lists, we all have one, even if it’s just in our heads and not written down anywhere concrete. Things we want to achieve or places we want to visit before we kick the bucket. Here are just a couple of mine. Continue reading “31-Day Blog Challenge | day 29”