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31-Day Blog Challenge | day 9

Welcome back, we’re on day 9 already! To catch up from the beginning you can read day 1 here. Today’s another good one, but I’m not sure about getting the pictures. The topic is piercings and tattoos.I got my ears first pierced when I was 7. I had asked to get them done, and after checking that I could take care of them myself, my mom took me. I’m not a big fan of getting babies’ or toddlers’ ears pierced, but as soon as a child is old enough to know they want it done, and can take care of them their self, that’s fine in my opinion.

It was quite a while before I had any other ‘body modification’ done. I got my belly button pierced when I was 16, followed by a second lobe piercing at the age of 18. Although, since having children, I hardly wear any earrings, especially in that second hole, and it’s healed up on one side. I keep saying I’ll go get them re-pierced, but it’ not a priority, so it keeps getting pushed back.

I got my very first tattoo when I was 20, a small tribal flash design on my lower back. I chose it because it looks like a stylised bat. That opened up a whole new world for me. Ask anyone, tattoos are addictive!

I later went on to have another 4 piercings – left tragus, lip, tongue and a double helix piercing that has two interlocked heart shaped rings in.

My tattoos got slowly bigger and more colourful, with a few exceptions. I now have, in addition to the tribal ‘bat’, a silhouette of Maleficent on my right ankle, a large full-colour Tim Shumate pin-up of Aurora on my right thigh (which is still in progress), a Japanese dragon which starts on my right rib and coils down my side and ends up on my right hip bone, a Japanese half-sleeve on my left arm which consists of pink sakura blossom and my husband and kids’ names written in katakana, a tiny flash design on my right wrist, some stars on my left shoulder blade and last but not least a Little Mermaid inspired price on my right shoulder blade.

I couldn’t find any up-to-date pictures of my tattoos, and taking them on my own is difficult because of their placement. Both of the pieces in the picture have had more added to them since this.

While I still have a lot of bare skin, there is not an angle you can look at me from and NOT see at least one of my tattoos. I don’t regret any of them, while there are a few that I wouldn’t mind being re-worked into something more significant, rather than just a flash design. But, you live and learn.

I’ve come across some extremely talented tattoo artists, and have had the privilege to have work done by a couple of award-winners. Here are a couple of links to the pages of the studios I have work done personally:

Inky G’s – Wolverhampton

Poison Apple Tattoo Studio – this is the website, but the facebook page is more up-to-date

What is your opinion of tattoos and piercings? Have you got any? I’d love for you to tell me in the comments. if you are enjoying the series, please leave a like and follow the blog, either here on WordPress or Follow my blog with Bloglovin

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