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31-Day Blog Challenge | day 6

Almost a full week into the challenge now. If you want to read from the start of the series you can check out day 1 here, and as I’ve had people ask here’s the list of prompts I’m using, in case you want to join in.


So, as you can see today’s prompt is “3 personality traits I’m most proud of”. Let’s dive straight in shall we.

1. Considerate

I have to thank my parents for this one. I was raised to be considerate of others, almost to a fault. I will often put others’ needs before my own, and this is especially true now I’m a parent myself. But even with complete strangers, I will hold doors, let people out in traffic, be aware of my time keeping and surrounds. the reason I say “to a fault” is that sometimes, my consideration of others is taken advantage of.

2. Inquisitive

I’m a perpetual student. I always want to learn more. I was the kid that when asked to do a project for homework would scour my encyclopedias (because we didn’t have Google back then 😅) and find everything I could about the given subject. Teachers loved it, other students…not so much. I’m always in the process of learning something, whether it’s a new crafting skill or a language. Even something as trivial as hearing about something on TV and going off to research it myself, this time with the aid of the internet on my phone, I like to know things. Hopefully, I can pass this trait on to my children because like Albert Einstein once said:

Once you stop learning, you start dying

3. Geeky

Not sure if this counts, but I couldn’t think of another way to put it. I’m proud to be a little bit different from the mainstream. As a teenager, as I’m sure most people would relate to, I tried hard to ‘fit in’. This left me miserable if I’m honest. It wasn’t until I was much older, probably in my mid to late 20s that I started feeling more comfortable with myself. I’m not embarrassed by my fandoms, I cosplay, I play Dungeons and Dragons, I know all the lyrics to all the Disney songs. But this acceptance of who I am is more than just accepting and flaunting my geekside. It’s also about accepting all my personality traits, positive and negative and being comfortable with them.

Today’s post was fun, a bit of a deeper look inside myself, and I honestly feel much happier as a result of this reflection. Self-praise isn’t something that comes naturally to me, but it’s something I’m working on. I’d encourage you to make a similar list of your favourite personality traits.

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