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31-Day Blog Challenge | day 5

Hi again, we’re up to day 5 of the challenge now. If you’re joining part way through and would like to start at the beginning, you can check out day 1 here

Today, I’m looking at guilty pleasures. I always thought that was an odd way of putting it. Why would you feel guilty for enjoying something? Most people would put unhealthy food or cheesy films and music on their list, but I’m a proud geek and don’t feel guilty at all for my fandoms.

Things I like that might be considered a ‘guilty pleasure’ might be, listening to 90s boybands and RnB or enjoying a good Star Trek binge.

Shopping also features quite heavily on a lot of Guilty Pleasure lists, but I’m not really much of a shopper. One thing I am guilty of is buying too much stationery and bullet journal supplies.

Another nice short post. This challenge has really helped get me back into the swing of writing again.

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