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31-Day Blog Challenge | day 4

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Today’s prompt is my earliest childhood memory. People say you’re not supposed to remember things before you’re 3, and even then only have snippets of memories until the age of about 6. I have one particular memory, it is only a snippet, but it’s from my first birthday.

When I was born we lived in a flat. We moved from there when I was 4, but I still have quite a few memories of living there. The earliest I can recall is of standing on the sofa, looking over the back to the table we used to have in the corner and seeing my Postman Pat’s van shaped birthday cake. I asked my parents about it and they said that that was the cake I’d had when I turned one.

I do have another short memory, probably from a similar age, of jumping up and down in my cot before my mom coming into my room and the bottom of my cot breaking. I could have been around 2 at that time.

All my other memories from the flat were from a bit later on, probably the age of about 3 or 4, just before we moved out. Thinking about this post, I did notice that most of my prominent childhood memories take place in the summer or outside. For a self-proclaimed hermit, that loves the autumn better than any other season, this surprised me. I have more memories of playing over on the field near my grandad’s house than of any Christmas.

Speaking of playing near my grandad’s house, I met an amazing friend at that time and we’re still friend’s to this day. Heres a picture of us taken at around the age of 5:

me & sian
I’m on the right. Please excuse the clothes, it was the 80s!

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