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31-Day Blog Challenge | day 12

As I write this it’s Easter weekend. So we’re having a nice relaxing time at home in the Mermaid household. A perfect time to think about the topic of today’s post. What I would do if I won the lottery. Continue reading “31-Day Blog Challenge | day 12”

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31-Day Blog Challenge | day 11

This post is a bit more rushed than usual, because as I write this it’s Good Friday and, as I work in retail, I have to work today. I had meant to write this last night and schedule it to publish, but I downloaded Stardew Valley yesterday, and lost half the day! Today’s post is my proudest moment.

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31-day Blog Challenge | day 10

Wow! We’re a third of the way through already, it doesn’t seem like it though. If you want to catch up on the previous days’ posts you can start from day 1 here.

I sort of touched on the subject of today’s post back on day 2, your first celebrity crush. Now, this is going to be quite a cringe-inducing post, for me at least, but I challenge anyone to NOT have a cringy first celeb crush. 🤣 Continue reading “31-day Blog Challenge | day 10”

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31 day Blog Challenge | day 8

Welcome to a new week in the challenge. If you want to read from the beginning, day 1 can be found here. As I’m writing this, it’s Tuesday, but the topic would be more suited to a throwback Thursday. I’m going to share an old photo of me, and tell you a little bit about it Continue reading “31 day Blog Challenge | day 8”

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31-day Blog Challenge | day 7

The last day of the first week of my challenge, and I hope you’ve all enjoyed reading it as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it. If you want to catch up, you can read from day 1 here.

Today’s post is going to be a fun one. My 10 favourite foods. 😋 I love food. I really do. Eating is one of my favourite things to do, and that’s the reason I’m in a constant battle with my weight. Thankfully, a fair few of my favourite things can be considered “healthy”…ish.

1. Caramel

Ok, so this goes against what I just said about being healthy, but… caramel! Well, not just caramel, but toffee and fudge too. They’re all pretty similar, making them is almost an identical process. I’m yet to use it, but I do have a sugar thermometer so I can have a go at making my own at home.

2. Mangoes

My new favourite fruit. I love how sweet and juicy they are, and the fact that they’re a tropical fruit makes me feel all summery and exotic when I eat one or drink the juice.

3. Strawberries

These used to be my favourite fruit, and I still love them. The ones you get all year round in the supermarkets aren’t great. The best way to enjoy strawberries is straight from the field. We go to a PYO farm every summer, purely for the strawberries

4. My Dad’s Chicken Fried Rice

It may not be the most authentic Chinese dish, but he was taught how to make it by an old Chinese lady if that counts. It’s something we used to have quite regularly when I was younger, but it’s become more of an occasional treat now I’m grown up and don’t live at home.

5. Cashew nuts

As I write this I’m snacking on a graze pot of Chili and Lime cashews, and last night I had duck and cashews from the takeaway. I love them. They’re quite expensive, as nuts go, and they can be high in fat (good fats, I know, but still), so I don’t have them as often as I’d like.

6. Chocolate

It had to appear on the list somewhere, didn’t it? LOL, I think I’d be a traitor to my gender if I didn’t have a soft spot for chocolate. I probably definitely eat more chocolate than I should, but…it shouldn’t taste so good. As I write this, it’s the week before Easter, and while I’m not religious, being a mother means our house gets bombarded with chocolate eggs every Spring Equinox.

7. Broccoli

An odd one to have on a favourites list, I know. But I really do like it. I was one of those fussy kids that wouldn’t try any new foods or eat any vegetable that wasn’t a potato. But since growing up, I’ve grown to love vegetables. In my one of my previous posts I mentioned I was vegetarian for a year, and I had to eat more vegetables to fill my plate. For convenience, I normally buy frozen broccoli and steam it. But when I can, I prefer fresh, still steamed or stir-fried, so it’s still al dente.

8. Toast

Who doesn’t love toast? In need of a quick, but warm breakfast? Toast. Want a midnight snack, but don’t want to cook anything too extravagant? Toast. It goes with everything! Beans, eggs, spaghetti hoops, ham, peanut butter, jam, chocolate spread, cheese, avocado… the list is honestly endless.

9. Bacon

But not streaky bacon, the stuff that Americans think is bacon.. no. Proper back bacon. I think it’s called Canadian bacon in the states, but I’m not sure it’s exactly the same thing. It’d be a bit of a cliche for me to mention vegetarians here, but bacon is great. And I know all the bad things about it, so I don’t have it that often, but occasionally it’s just what my body craves.

10. Burritos

burrito gif

🎤 Burritos are yummy and burgers are gross!

If you have no idea what I’m talking about you need to check out this video clip, it’s from Teen Titans Go. Burritos are amazing… that is all.

Well, after writing that, I’m starving, so I’m off the raid my fridge for some tasty food from this list. I’d love to see your list, do you agree with mine? What would you add, that I might have forgotten? Leave a comment below

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31-Day Blog Challenge | day 6

Almost a full week into the challenge now. If you want to read from the start of the series you can check out day 1 here, and as I’ve had people ask here’s the list of prompts I’m using, in case you want to join in.


So, as you can see today’s prompt is “3 personality traits I’m most proud of”. Let’s dive straight in shall we.

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31-Day Blog Challenge | day 5

Hi again, we’re up to day 5 of the challenge now. If you’re joining part way through and would like to start at the beginning, you can check out day 1 here

Today, I’m looking at guilty pleasures. I always thought that was an odd way of putting it. Why would you feel guilty for enjoying something? Most people would put unhealthy food or cheesy films and music on their list, but I’m a proud geek and don’t feel guilty at all for my fandoms.

Things I like that might be considered a ‘guilty pleasure’ might be, listening to 90s boybands and RnB or enjoying a good Star Trek binge.

Shopping also features quite heavily on a lot of Guilty Pleasure lists, but I’m not really much of a shopper. One thing I am guilty of is buying too much stationery and bullet journal supplies.

Another nice short post. This challenge has really helped get me back into the swing of writing again.

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31-Day Blog Challenge | day 4

Catch up with previous posts starting with day 1, here.

Today’s prompt is my earliest childhood memory. People say you’re not supposed to remember things before you’re 3, and even then only have snippets of memories until the age of about 6. I have one particular memory, it is only a snippet, but it’s from my first birthday.

When I was born we lived in a flat. We moved from there when I was 4, but I still have quite a few memories of living there. The earliest I can recall is of standing on the sofa, looking over the back to the table we used to have in the corner and seeing my Postman Pat’s van shaped birthday cake. I asked my parents about it and they said that that was the cake I’d had when I turned one.

I do have another short memory, probably from a similar age, of jumping up and down in my cot before my mom coming into my room and the bottom of my cot breaking. I could have been around 2 at that time.

All my other memories from the flat were from a bit later on, probably the age of about 3 or 4, just before we moved out. Thinking about this post, I did notice that most of my prominent childhood memories take place in the summer or outside. For a self-proclaimed hermit, that loves the autumn better than any other season, this surprised me. I have more memories of playing over on the field near my grandad’s house than of any Christmas.

Speaking of playing near my grandad’s house, I met an amazing friend at that time and we’re still friend’s to this day. Heres a picture of us taken at around the age of 5:

me & sian
I’m on the right. Please excuse the clothes, it was the 80s!

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31-Day Blog Challenge | day 3

Hi again! We’re on Day 3 now, if you missed the beginning of the series you can start at day 1 here

Day 3’s prompt is “The meaning of your business name”

This one is a little hard for me to answer, as I don’t really have a business of my own set up… yet.

I do have an Etsy shop in the making, it’s not open yet, and it shares the name of this blog. Mermaid Out Of Water is also a hashtag I use on Instagram to link all my posts on differing topics.

The meaning behind Mermaid Out Of Water comes from the old saying “a fish out of water”, which means, not feeling at home with where you are or what you’re doing. I changed fish to Mermaid, because, if you read my last post you’ll know my favourite Disney animated movie is The Little Mermaid, and that’s Ariel on my brand logo.

meeting Ariel
My daughter and I meeting Ariel at WDW August 2018. not sure who’s more excited (me!)

As an introvert who deals with anxiety on a daily basis, I quite often feel like a fish out of water, so the brand name is something that’s personal to me, and I hope to be able to attach it to any endeavour I undertake in the future.

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