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Plan with Me: April 2017

Can you believe a quarter of the year is already over? It’s crazy! This is an exciting time of year for me. As I mentioned in my last post, my blog is now a year old, but it’s now also been a year since I started my first bullet journal. I’ve made quite a few changes to my spreads over time. I had a quick flip through my old journal, it was nice to see how my style has evolved and grown. I also have some exciting plans over the coming months. Including some family birthdays and an amazing holiday (more on that another time).

Let’s dive into planning for the month then.


Anyone who follows me on Instagram will have seen the first mistake I made on this page while setting it up. (I did make a second mistake, but Tippexed it out). While outlining the header with glitter gel pens, I forgot to let it dry before smoothing the page out. One of my friends pointed out it looks like fairy dust, though, so I’m going with that. This is the first time I’ve used this box calendar layout. I like it so far, I had planned to add extra notes around the outside, but I’ve not thought what to add yet.

IMG_4669These spreads are getting a second chance. If they don’t work for a second month in a row I’ll get rid of them. As it’s the Easter holidays and my son breaks up for two weeks next week I should have much more to write and doodle about this month.

IMG_4670The time log is another spread I’m giving a second chance, but the spending tracker is new. I’ve been searching for a good way to track my spending for a while. I’ve trialled a few different methods, but they’ve never worked out. I was reading a fellow WordPress blogger’s Plan with Me post and saw her’s. I loved it and asked if I could use it and share it too. (Here’s a link to her blog, check it out). Basically, each square will represent £5 and I’ll colour it in according to the colour key at the end of each day.

img_4671.jpgHere I’ve written down some goals for the month, and the action steps I need to take to achieve them. Fingers crossed I get them accomplished this month. I’m getting tired of setting goals and not meeting them. The left-hand page here is a spread for a challenge I haven’t attempted since July, and haven’t fully completed since April last year. It’s the PTL Doodles challenge, hosted by Passion Themed Life over on Instagram. Here’s the list of prompts on her blog. I’ll be posting my own doodles on my Instagram every few days, so make sure you follow me if you want to see those. Shameless plug.

img_4672.jpgI really enjoyed the mood mandala last month. It’s turned out quite well if I say so myself. I’m going to do it again this month, again using to print off from the Boho Berry tribe resources. this time I tried to extend to circles onto the opposite page. I don’t have a working compass, though, so I free handed them, hence the wobbly lines.

IMG_4673Final spread of the plan with me is the housework/habit tracker page. I’ve stuck with the same layout as it works for me. Not sure if I’ll do the same pattern in the habit tracker this month. I do like how it looks, but I might just go for block colours for a change. Like the saying goes, a change is as good as a rest.

That’s it for now. Happy Loki Day, everyone.

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