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Much Ado About Tea

I’m British, so it’s a bit of a cliche that I love tea, but I do. Beyond your regular cup of black tea with milk and sugar, there’s a whole world of tea to explore. One of my favourite tea companies is DavidsTea. My parents went to Canada last year and found a DavidsTea store and bought me home a couple of wonderful boxes of various teas, which I’ll review in another post. However, they don’t ship internationally, only to Canada and the mainland USA. Sad times.

Now, let me digress from the story for just a second, bear with me, this part has a point. The internet is a wonderful place. Once you get past the trolls, there are many genuinely decent people out there. In real life, we often make friends out of convenience, they live near us, or work with us etc. And we may not share a whole lot in common. On the internet, you can find people who have more shared interests and can relate to you the way real life friends may not. A few months back, a happy accident led me to find one such friend. If they’re reading this they know who they are. Of all the things we seemed to share in common, tea was one (see, I told you I had a point). They introduced me to a company called Bluebird Tea Co., who are based in Bristol. Not only do they happily ship to the UK, but they mix various exotic flavours of tea, and even provide a subscription box!

My new internet friend mentioned that they had a few duplicates that they were more than happy to send me so I could try them, before buyng them. Two days ago, a parcel arrived on my doorstep filled to the brim with tea.

Two unopened packets, and four resealed bags. The tea is loose leaf, rather than in bags, and is designed to be used with an infuser. The varieties here are: Mowgli’s Fire Chai, Ankara Apple, Coconut Milk Oolong, Peppermint Cream, Lapsang Chai and Lady Lavender. As I type this, I’ve not opened the packets yet, I wanted to keep them fresh. I can tell you the smell and taste of the Coconut Milk Oolong is absolutely divine. I’ve never known a tea smell so creamy before you’ve added milk before.


Here’s the infuser I use. It’s a manaTEA, and it’s so cute. I got it on Amazon for about £5. This mug, which is huge by the way, was a birthday present from my parents and I thought it was the perfect mug to photograph for my tea blog post. In case you can’t read it, the mug says “All you need is tea and warm socks”, and the mug itself came with a fuzzy pink pair of socks. Brilliant.

IMG_4594And what’s the perfect accompaniment to a cuppa? A lovely biscuit, of course. Bluebird Tea, you have got yourself a new customer.

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