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Plan with Me: March 2017

It’s been quite a while since I last wrote a post. It’s been a busy few months full of big changes in the Mermaid household. I’ll do a catch-up post another time, but first, let’s get our bullet journals out and get set up for the new month.

Confession time: I hardly used my bullet journal at all over the winter, but I had a burst of motivation and got back into it in a big time in February (I have to give some of the credit for this to Kara at Boho Berry for her One Month In My Bullet Journal series on YouTube, which you can watch here.) The spreads I used proved effective and after watching the video series, I decided to add a few more on a trial basis.

Since I last wrote a planning post I came to the end of my Official Bullet Journal edition L1917. I’d already got a new notebook waiting to move into and I did this at the beginning of November. And, to prove how little I’ve used it over the winter, after 4 months I’m still only on page 109.


Spread 1: Month view and goals.

I did experiment with the circular calendar used by Dee @decadethirty on Instagram, here’s an example of her’s, but I was either not busy enough or too busy all on one day to make it work. So, I went back to the list form of the calendar as shown by Ryder in the original Bullet Journal system.

On the opposite page I have a small list of goals I want to achieve before the month is out, but as the saying goes:

A goal without a plan is just a wish – Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

so I also added an action step under each goal to make it more achievable.


Spread 2: Mood Mandala.

Credit where it’s due for this one. The original idea came from Fiona @bujo.mama, again on Instagram. Here’s her first version. It proved so popular that bullet journal royalty herself, Kara Benz, saw it, adapted it and shared it with the world.

This is Kara’s most recent mood mandala, she has done a YouTube video about it and even made a template (for the less artistic among us) which I got because I’m a part of her email newsletter.

The basic idea is you draw a series of concentric circles divided into 16 sections, each circle represents one day. At the end of the day, you colour in the circle with a colour you have chosen to represent your overall mood for that day. Once you’ve filled a few circles you can start to draw a mandala, using a black pen, over the top. I’m hoping mine turns out ok, I’ve only ever drawn one mandala before.


Spread 3: Gratitude, memories and ‘one line a day’.

Another new idea for a collection, which I got from the Boho Berry video series. I used to have a memories doodle page, way back when I first started bullet journaling almost a year ago. I miss having a space to draw little doodles and record my memories, and adding gratitude to the page means that if I don’t have a particularly interesting memory to jot down, I can find something I’m grateful for instead.

On the opposite page, I’m playing with the idea of writing one line a day, to sum up what happened that day. Sort of like a very short form diary entry.


Spread 4: Time tracker and Spring Cleaning.

The Time tracker is something I’ve thought of before, but yet again was motivated to add it is as a trial by Boho Berry. Basically, I have an app on my phone called ATracker which helps you track how long you spend doing certain tasks and gives you a itemised report showing you how you spent you day or week. At the end of each day, I will transfer this report into my journal with colour coded blocks.

The Spring Cleaning list almost wasn’t there. I had a spare page and needed a collection for it. I’ll use this as a master task list of things that need doing as the new season approches, such as sorting through my clothes, cleaning out the under stairs cupboard etc.


Spread 5: Housework and Habit trackers.

This is the spread that proved most successful last month. I love the housework tracker, I saw the basic shape for it on Instagram, unfortunately I can’t remember who had drawn it so I can’t credit them here. I colour in a block for each day that I do the task. Last month I came up with the idea to colour the weekly blocks a different colour if I didn’t do the task on its designated day, but still did it within seven days.

With the habit tracker, rather than just colouring in a block, I’ve started filling it in with a pattern. it motivates me to complete more habits to get a prettier page.


And that’s it! Back to the weekly and daily spreads. I do share my weekly and daily pages on my own Instagram @little.mermaid83 if you’re curious. I’ll hopefully get my next blog post up on time next week. See you then.


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