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The (toy) elephant in the room

We’ve all seen those houses, pristine white walls, unblemished cream carpets, not a speck of dust, and definitely not a toy in sight. My house is *not* one of those houses.I’m not your perfect housewife, although I do try to be, and as a result there does seem to be a lot of stuff everywhere. The one area of my home that I’m most embarrassed by is the living/dining room. This is not only the area of the house that most people see, it’s also the area that is most full of clutter…toy clutter.

You see, I have two children, aged 7 and 2. Who knew such little people had so much stuff! Every birthday, every Christmas, every excuse… more toys seem to make their way into our home. Thankfully, as my son gets older, his toys are getting smaller and easier to store, but little girls seem to have a penchant for big bulky pieces of plastic.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I love that my kids have so much to play with. I am extremely grateful to our generous relatives for providing them with a plethora of toys to rival the stock room at the local Toys R Us.

But here’s where the problem lies. Clutter breeds clutter. Nicely organised boxes of toys don’t seem to stay nicely organised for long. The odd action figure will fall out of place unnoticed, a bag of books slowly begins to overflow. And before you know it you’re tripping over dinosaurs and squeezing past toy kitchens just to get from my sofa to the back door.

Something has to give, before my sanity does. I spent a short amount of time working on thinning out some of my daughter’s toys this morning. The trouble is, apart from a few toys she’s out grown, she plays with everything! How can I donate a box full of Duplo when she loves building with it. How can I empty a bag of toy food when she’s constantly playing with her kitchen or shop.

I have set myself a goal and a deadline (see my last post about my obsession with these). Christmas is less than 100 days away. Christmas seems to be worse for toy clutter, as it’s not one child at a time, it’s both plus me and my husband. I want to have cleared out a big enough chunk of my kids outgrown and unloved toys that I can move most of what’s in the living room up to their rooms. The most played with items can stay downstairs, particularly for my daughter, who is too young to play upstairs unsupervised.

By writing this, I’m pretty much making myself accountable. I apologise once again for the lack of photo’s on this post, I’m still not brave enough to show the extent of the problem to the world in general. If you’re reading this and you know me well enough in real life to have been in my house, you will know why this is.

Thanks for reading, and if you don’t see my Planning For October post next week come looking for me under a plie of stuffed animals. TTFN, mermaids



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