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When I have the spare time…

First off, let me apologise for this post being two days late. Ironically, I was spending a lot of time doing the very hobby I’m going to be talking about.

I have so many hobbies, I don’t know how anyone could possibly be “bored”.As a stay at home mom, with a household to run, two kids and a husband to look after, it is nice to have time to unwind doing something just for me. After all,

You cannot serve from an empty vessel – Eleanor Brown

My main hobby is cross stitching. I’ve been cross stitching a loooong time, the first time I recall doing a project was for the birth of my cousin (who turned 21 this spring). As I’ve got better at it, the size and complexity of my projects has increased. I have completed a few of the Dimensions Gold Collection, and I actually have the one pictured below half done.

eagle-cross-stitch I started this one well before my son was born, but just after his 1st birthday we moved house and I didn’t pick it up again. I have resolved to finished it, eventually.

In the meantime, I have found the wonderfulness that is the Thomas Kinkade Disney Dreams collection. Basically, a company called MCG Textiles gained the rights to convert Thomas Kinkade’s Disney Dreams Collection prints into cross stitch designs and they are beautiful. This link to MCG’s website shows the entire currently available collection, with more on the way. I have them all!

As you may have guessed from my blog name and constant mermaid references my favourite Disney princess is Ariel from The Little Mermaid, so which better project to begin with than…The Little Mermaid! I stitched this at a very difficult time of my life. I didn’t even pick it up for a whole 6 months, and even after that, progress was slow. After spending around 12 months actively stitching, I completed it in two years. Here’s the result.

img_1585I love it so much.

Desperate to complete the whole collection before I retire I knew I had to get a move on with the next project. Next on the list was Sleeping Beauty, as it’s my second favourite movie. I originally calculated a finish time of 9 months, taking me from April to December. But as New Year came and went, I knew I’d underestimated the design. I eventually completed the following April. Here is the end result.

img_2529As you can see, there’s a lot of green and brown

My latest project is called Beauty & the Beast Falling In Love. I started it straight away, in May this year, and although I had a bit of a blip in progress over the summer holidays, I’m still hoping to finish within a year. here’s what it’s going to look like:


And here’s my last progress picture, taken a month ago. (I’m actually quite a bit further along than this, but I only take progress pictures once I’ve finished each page, I’m hoping to complete the current page by the end of next week)

img_3318Personally, I always seem to work best when set deadlines and targets. I devised a stitching schedule and wrote it into my bullet journal to keep myself on track. Now, I was supposed to complete my current page on September 3rd, but as I said, the kids were off school and I didn’t have as much time to stitch as I normally do.Since my son went back last Tuesday and I’ve got back into my normal routine I’ve got a lot more done. I’m still not caught up, but I hope to be soon.

Ok, that’s it for this post, I hope to have a lot more stitching progress to share with you by next month’s hobby post and I also want to share a few more of my various hobbies with you.



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