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It’s all ups and downs

Welcome to the first blog post of the new month. First Monday of the month can only mean one thing… time for a health and fitness review.

My last health and fitness post was a bit of a rant. If you’ve not read it yet you can check it out here. The rest of August was a bit of a mixed bag, results wise too. After that initial gain of half a pound, I went off the rails a bit with my diet and gained 3 pounds over the following 2 weeks. Gutting, I had nearly undone all the hard work of the previous month.

Then, mother nature decided to come for a visit. This explained my bottomless appetite and bloaty belly. Thankfully, as is usually the case, I lost weight the following week. A whole 3 1/4lbs! In one week!

IMG_3251My graph is beginning to look like a mountain range. At least the overall trend is downward. Also, please excuse my chipped nail polish, I am planning on painting them after typing this up.

I have a holiday booked for next summer, to Disney World, and I wanted to get to my goal weight and maintain it by then. I decided to work out my cut off points for certain milestones along the way. I wasn’t too harsh on myself and decided that a half pound loss a week was the least I could expect without starving myself for the next 11 months. So now I have deadlines, which always motivates me. My first milestone is 145lbs and the deadline for that isn’t until October 17th. (It’s lucky, because I actually got down to below 145lbs, only to gain another 2lbs this week)

In fitness news, I changed up my running track list to include only motivational Disney tracks.I actually got the list from this blog. Disney magic and pixie dust must’ve worked as the first week I ran listening to the new playlist I got a Personal Best! I ran 5.6km with an average pace of 6:33min/km. I passed the 5km point at 33:06 minutes. I was super pleased with this and I’ve been trying to beat it again ever since.

That’s all from me this week, catch you all next week for a long postponed hobby and craft post.

Laters, mermaids


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