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Planning for September

Wow, is it really almost September already? Where has the year gone? I don’t know about you, but I always get a boost of motivation in September. I’m not sure whether that’s because autumn is my favourite season, or because I have a stationary addiction and all that Back To School stuff fills me with glee.

Ok, without further ado, let’s get into my bullet journal set up for September.

IMG_3471I don’t normally do one of those ‘title’ pages for each month, but as I said, autumn is my favourite season so I wanted to commemorate that.I found an image on Google and tweaked it to fit my page and added some little twists, such as the mandala heart.

IMG_3472I’m going to give the circular calendar another try. I can’t say that I used it, or referred to it much in August, but August is a quiet month with regards to planning as the schools are closed. If it doesn’t work this month, I’ll probably switch the layout for October. That’s the beauty of a bullet journal over a traditional planner. If I don’t like it, I can change it. Also, you can see that my colour scheme has changed, you’ll see more of that on the next pages.

IMG_3473Here are my goals for the month. Continuing with the autumnal colour scheme, and introducing little leaves for bullet points. As I write this I’ve already dropped down to 145lbs, so my goal will be “stay below 145lbs”- more on this in the post next week. Also, I’ve got a massive collection of foil Disney Princess stickers that I want to use up, so you’ll see the odd one pop up randomly. But you’ve got to love a Disney Princess.

IMG_3474New tracker (sorry it’s on it’s side!) I love the way I did the title. I was getting bored with the things I was tracking before and never seemed to fill it out properly. I’ve changed some of the items and I’m going to use the autumn colours to fill it in rather than a rainbow this time. Some are things I want to get into the habit of dong daily, some are just so I can see “when was the last time I…”

IMG_3475I didn’t do too badly with the declutter tasks last month. I actually filled quite a few bags with kids clothes to donate, but more on that in a few weeks. Here’s the list for this month. Kid’s toys. This is the main problem in our house, so this will be a tough one, but worth it.

IMG_3476This page was just a bit of fun. Not specific to September, but things I want to do before the winter draws in. Some are easy, some will require a bit more planning. I’ll try to keep you guys updated with my progress through the list. I’m definitely looking forward to Starbucks’s bringing out their Pumpkin Spice Latte’s. If you want to take part or make an autumn bucket list of your own, feel free to leave a comment!

IMG_3479And finally, the first weekly layout. It has to overlap August and September, but I work out which month it belongs in by counting the days. This week is 3:4 so belongs in September. I made a couple of changes to this weekly from the weeklies I’ve been using during August. I used to have a hydration graph, but as I’ve been using an app called Plant Nanny (which I can’t link to as I’m writing this on my desktop PC). It’s a great app where you plant a little seed and every time you drink you give water to the plant and it grows. Kind of like having a Tamagotchi again. But because I’ve got the app, I’ve been drinking the same amount every day for the past 3 weeks, so a graph seemed redundant.

Thanks again for reading my ramblings. You know, I’ve actually stuck to my schedule this month, so please hit Like (shameless, I know).

Until next week, mermaids ❤


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