Bullet Journal

Planning for June

Well, it’s been a longer absence than I intended, but I’m back with my first “Plan With Me” style post.

Tomorrow is the first day of June and the start of a new month is always a fun time for Bullet Journalists as we reflect on our previous month and plan what to include in the next one.

As I mentioned in my previous post, my planner of choice is the Leuchtturm 1917 Bullet Journal edition and I write with Stabilo 88 fineliners and Stabilo 68 markers.

IMG_2650The first thing I set up is my monthly overview page. This gives me a quick at-a-glance view of any birthdays, events or appointments I have that month.

IMG_2652Next is the tracker.  I have used this with varying success for the past two months now and I’m still changing the things I actually track. Some of the items on my trackers are there to remind me to do them each day, others are just there so I can look back and see when the last time I did the task was.

IMG_2653With the tracker, I colour in each box with a different cross hatch each day, I like to see the rainbow colours fill across the page as the month progresses.

Next up are my challenge pages.  I take part in a few Instagram/Facebook based challenges each month, and I keep the prompts for them in my BuJo.  If you’re interested in taking part too, the ones I follow are #PlanWithMeChallenge hosted by @prettyprintsandpaper @tinyrayofsunshine and @boho.berry, and #RockYourHandwriting hosted by the same girls plus @decadethirty. There’s also the #PTLDoodles Challenge hosted by @passion.themed.life

IMG_2657IMG_2656As you can see, I got a little carried away drawing the boxes for the PTL Doodles challenge.  June only has 30 days!!

I always keep a monthly memories page to do little doodles or make little notes about memorable things that have happened to me that month, but obviously June’s is blank still, I’ll get a picture of that up in my monthly review post at the end of the month.

Next up is the first weekly spread to include June.  Not everyone in the BuJo community uses weekly spreads, in fact it’s not part of the Official Bullet Journal Method, which you can see here. Many of us do use it though, I find it helps to condense a whole months worth of events and tasks into weekly chunks.

IMG_2654I’m still trying to find a weekly spread that works for me.  On the left page I split the week down the middle into ‘me’ tasks and ‘kids’ tasks.  The sections on the right-hand page are pretty self exploratory.

So, that’s a wrap for this post.  Sorry that the photos are all the wrong way around, I’m still finding my fins. I’m planning on doing a few more posts in the middle of the month, but there’ll definitely be a monthly review flip-through at the end of the month.