Finding my feet, or fins 🐠

I’ve been meaning to get into blogging for a while, but never really thought I had an idea to get started with. That’s when I stumbled across the world of BuJo. 

For the uninitiated, BuJo is short for Bullet Jornalling. In its purest form it’s a combination of a journal (the clue’s in its name) and a to-do list. You can make it as simple or as embellished as you like, which is why it appealed so much to me.

Although people may think otherwise, I’m not terribly creative. I can follow a set pattern, such as with cross stitch or crochet, but when it comes to creating original content, I’m stuck. 

  I watched a couple of YouTube videos (which I’ll link to if I can figure out how), and read a couple of blog posts, then I took the plunge a bought myself a Leuchtturm 1917. This dot grid note book with numbered pages is ideal, especially for a noob like myself who needs a bit of hand holding at the beginning 
Before I go full fan-girl and start getting into the nitty gritty of my own BuJo, I’m going to wrap up this post. 

This is, hopefully, just the beginning for me and I hope to keep up with blogging. I just need to figure out how WordPress works now 😁

Mermaid out 🐠

Up next: How I’ve laid out my first few pages